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World's Fastest Organization, LLC

The World's Fastest Organization LLC,  is a creative marketing strategies business that uses Bluebaugh Racing as a medium for advertising, promotions, and communication. We maximize business potential by capitalizing on the effects of  pairing Drag Racing with the Media 

Current Opportunities -


We would like to Invite You to Join Us as we embark upon a National Tour with the  *Discovery Channels 2nd season of Street Outlaws; No Prep Kings, a top ranking Cable TV show about Drag Racing with approximately 1.5 Million Viewers weekly. Kelly Bluebaugh, who first appeared in Season 1 driving the Reaper Car of James Goad, has been invited back for Season 2 driving his own car, a Nitrous Injected Monte Carlo. The schedule is posted with 9 events beginning June 22-23, 2018 in Topeka Kansas and ending in Ennis Texas, October 26-27, 2018.

Street Outlaws is a Social Media Marketers Playground with unending ways to Target Customers in a Niche Market at a Fraction of the Cost in a Place Where they are Paying Attention. Bluebaugh Racing is experienced with leveraging both Social Media Marketing and with sparking Viral Marketing. We have successfully carried sponsorships from large companies such as Mickey Thompson Tires, Lucas Oil, and Magna Fuel. We work extra hard, prioritizing the fact that our sponsors have business objectives to meet. We are Racers and a Marketing Company offering real returns on investment with a business minded objective. 

Bluebaugh Racing is Seeking Sponsors to supplement our travel and racing expenses in the form of racing product, cash, and vouchers that pay for travel costs such as credit card points for airfare or gas. Our Social Media Marketing Program is currently organized under the World’s Fastest Organization, LLC;  a legitimate Arizona Business set up specifically as a Marketing Company. Our planned Social Media Program for this opportunity includes; 

· Television Airtime through targeted exposure of Company Logos * up to 1.5 Million per show

· Targeted Use of Facebook for Sponsor Promotion, Press Release, Endorsements, use of hash tagging to target search interests, targeted use of team association, Viral Marketing 

· Facebook Live Feeds with planned logo exposure, endorsement, product demonstration, targeted use of association

· Instagram Messaging using Photo and Video with Sponsor Promotion, planned logo exposure, endorsement, targeted use of association, Viral Marketing

· You Tube- Viral Marketing with use of Video Media that is a by-product of the show, other racers posts, and targeted videos we create through racing and in live feeds with Sponsor Promotion, planned logo exposure, endorsement, targeted use of association

· Targeted Use of Our Machine Shop, WFO Racing and Machine, to sell sponsor products and create a backdrop to demonstrate product use and preference

· Posting of Banners, Stickers visible to event spectators at the track. The show draws 10k-15k Spectators per day. Use of our trailer to post company stickers visible on road trips. We will pass out company promotional items at the track. We wear our Sponsors T-shirts, Hats, and Apparel

· Regular Updates and Communication on Marketing Progress. Individualized marketing campaigns. 

· We encourage our Sponsors to be with us trackside, ride with us, join our team, and be part of our experience, to be a working film set in a reality TV show. 

Racing is Exciting and the Crowds are Exhilarating- Join the Fun! It’s great for employee morale to be associated with the Racing Team


Deborah Woodard, Marketing Director

World’s Fastest Organization, LLC

Bluebaugh Racing

10601 N 39th Street

Phoenix AZ 85028

602 290 2684, prostreet@cox.net


*Note; We are in no way associated or affiliated with the Discovery Channel. We cannot control what is aired or what they choose to do with their film property

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Network Alert!!!

     The United States is the largest Social Networking Market in the world. Racing enthusiasts have a strong inter-connection through underground Social Networks via the Internet and racing associations in the United States and Canada. Social Networks do not follow known research about traditional advertising strategies and market trend. Social Networks are a culture of persons millions strong with common interest. The Socially oriented Internet is a massive opportunity for brands, advertisers, and marketers. In this culture, peers have a greater impact than corporate entities. You must be a someone and not a something. The best way to market in a Social Network is to piggy-back your way in with a member of the cultural community. Consumers are increasingly apathetic to being bombarded with advertisements. The marketers that will be successful in this arena will blend as a natural part of the culture. Sponsorship is an advantageous way in.....     

Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies

Definition: The term "Web 2.0"  is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web
It is the second generation of the World Wide Web, which is a  movement away from static webpages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking with an increasing emphasis on human collaboration. 
Web 2.0 does not refer to any specific change in the technology of the Internet, but rather
the behavior of how people use the Internet. ... 

Social Networking Defined

 Social Networking
 Definition: Technology and services that foster the development of relational connections, common interest, and culture with ability to leverage those connections to accomplish a task

Viral Marketing
Definition: The use of pre-existing social networks to meet marketing objectives through a self-replicating viral process. Viral marketing is a phenomenon that encourages the user to pass along a markeitng message voluntarily. The outcome is that one infected user spreads the virus to many thus creating growth according to a logistic curve with an initial exponential appearance or market saturation.