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Bluebaugh Racing


Bluebaugh Racing is a West Coast Pro Nitrous Drag Racing Team. Our current Street Outlaw Monte Carlo is driven by Kelly Bluebaugh and the Crew Chief is Deborah Woodard. Bluebaugh and Woodard have been working as a racing couple for Seventeen years. The team is well known on both the East and West coast with in the drag racing community and has worked closely with a number of top racers and innovators to develop skilled  and experienced knowledge of racing. The racing team has taken records, championships, and won the many events entered. 

Kelly Bluebaugh


Kelly  Bluebaugh is a 30-year veteran of the drag racing sport. Kelly has raced through out the United States and in Mexico and has won dozens of events on the drag strip and on the sand. He is a master of Nitrous systems, expert engine builder, and serious about racing.  He began his love for drag racing through catching the tail of Phoenix’s craze for cruising and street racing in the 80’s and he never looked back. Today he builds some of the best high horsepower precision engines around. His engine craft speaks for itself.  

Deborah Woodard


Deborah Woodard is an experienced working Crew Chief for Bluebaugh Racing tuning the nitrous set ups, carbs, and clutch. More of an old school tuner, Woodard tunes by the weather, track conditions, and applies theory to practical application to keep the car both consistent and fast in competition.  She is also a master of marketing, manages the teams sponsorship program, and is experienced in concepts of Social Media Networking. Like Bluebaugh, she also street raced in the 80's being one of the only females to consistently compete and win 


World's Fastest Organization, LLC

   The Worlds Fastest Organization, LLC is a marketing entity owned by Deborah Woodard and held separately from Bluebaugh Racing.  It was created to offer viable marketing opportunities with a real return on investment  for potential sponsors interested in associating business needs with a professional racing team. The World's Fastest Organization marketing project is a unique cutting edge program that capitalizes on the principles  and power of Social Media Networks combined with Drag Racing and like sports to deliver a message. The LLC's marketing effort reaches a global audience with emphasis in the United States. The potential is unlimited with the rising number of Internet media users.   

How Does Leveraging Social Media Work?

Social Networking sends a strong message that travels from peer to peer  through a vast network of potential consumers about  who and what is a desired Product, Company, and Service at a fraction of the traditional advertising cost. 

Targeting Select Social Networks allows a company to hone in on a niche market without waste in a forum where consumers are paying attention. The Company has opportunity though association to blend in as a part of the Social Culture and advances business objectives through becoming Preferred by the Social Network membership. Social Network reach is immediate in communication and powerful in ability to impact markets. 


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Kelly Bluebaugh

Machine Shop Services, Consultation, Racing

Cell/ Text  602 435 8080


Deborah Woodard

Marketing/ Public Relations

Administration, Consultation

Cell/ Text  602 290 2684


Facebook: Deborah Kelly WFO