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Extreme Brand Products


Extreme Brand High Performance Racing Oil

15w-40 and 20w-50 High Performance Synthetic Blend Racing Oil

Product Information

Extreme Brand Products Racing Oils contain a High Performance blend of Zinc and Phosphorus that is  boosted with ZDDP (Zinc Diakyl Dithiophosphate)  to come up with a super anti-wear formula rated at 2200ppm Zinc Protection.  2500ppm Calcium is also blended in the formula for its ability to help manage problems with fuel dilution in the oil typical to racing engines running under extreme conditions. This is our Oil Of Choice!! 

How To Purchase

For individual use, give us a call, or send a text. We have Racing Oil in stock for local pickup 602 435 8080 or 602 290 2684

For Shops- Call Deborah WFO at 602 290 2684 for Special Pricing and potential for bulk shipments. We have full access to the Extreme Brand Products Catalog of premium products to include High Quality Diesel Oil,  Street Performance Oil, Performance Lubricants, and Shop Supply


15w-40 and 20w-50  Racing Oils run $10 per quart.  Call for Special Rates on bulk purchase. 

RoadRunner Peformance


RoadRunner High Performance Hose and Fittings

Offers High  Quality Hose Fittings and Hose

Product Information

See Product Catalog  Across the many companies that sell hose fittings, Roadrunner Performance offers a very high quality product at an affordable cost  They are a racer friendly company that spends time around the race track understadning performance issues. 

How to Purchase

Roadrunner Performance sells its product through a network of distributors. Customers can purchase through us or any distributor. Contact Deborah at  602 290 2684 or send an E-mail to We are able to custom order both large and small orders. We will also drop ship anywhere in the U.S. 


Because we  are able to buy product at the distributors rate, we pass savings along to fellow racers. Cost is per item/order

Beck Performance


Beck Performance/ Beck Engineering

An Innovative Technologies Company, Beck Performance offers light weight Carbon Fiber Wheelie Bars  and has interest in developing racing components. 

Product Information

 At 1//3rd the weight, carbon fiber is stronger that conventional choices for wheelie bar construction.  Designs are available with or without load sensors, single or double bar design. Each set is custom made.. 

How to Purchase

Customers can order Custom Carbon Fiber Wheelie Bars directly from Beck Use Coupon Code  BluebaughRacing (one word) when ordering for 10% off . Just click the link  


Beck Performance Wheelie Bars are reasonably priced coming in well below the competition while offering a high degree of quality